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Food Additive Spotlight - Calcium Sulphite

How eating hot dogs can make you suffocateIs it a preservative or a bleaching agent? A disinfectant or a firming agent? Unfortunately, calcium sulphite, in various processed forms, is all of these things. In a nutshell, calcium sulphite (also sulfite), is a white powdery substance t... More on the article
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Alcohol and Weight Loss
Anti-Oxidant Intake Helps Prevent Muscle Wasting
Best Proteins for Weight Loss
Breakfast Eaters are Thinner
Chewing As a Weight Loss Strategy
Cortisol Weight Loss Myths
Diet Review - The Mediterranean Diet
Diet Review: The Atkins Diet
Diet Review: The Paleolithic Diet (AKA The Caveman Diet)
Diet Review: The Zone Diet
Expend 900 Calories for Improved Weight Loss Insulin Sensitivity
Fidgeting Makes You Lean
Fish Oil and Exercise Improves Cardiovascular Risk Factors
Good Fats For Weight Loss
Gut Flora and Weight Loss
Gut Flora and Weight Loss Day Two
Heavy Metals and Weight Loss
Hibiscus Sabdariffa for Weight Loss
Holidays and Weight Loss
How Bodyfat Influences Fat Burning
How I Loss 40 Pounds (for the 3rd time) and Kept It Off
How Many Calories In a Pound
Inflammation and Weight Loss
Insulin and Weight Loss
Leptin Resistance - The New Weight Loss Dilemma
Lose 20 Pounds The Right Way
Low Dose Alcohol vs High Dose Alcohol and Weight Loss
Maladaptive Gut Bacteria
Meal Induced Weight Loss - Part 2
Meal Induced Weight Loss via Thermogenesis and Gastric Action
Night Eating and Weight Loss
Oxidative Stress and Weight Loss
Plateau Busting Diet - Part 2
Post Exercise Fat Burning - Women vs Men
Repeated Cycles of Weight Gain and Loss predispose you towards obesity
Sleep and Weight Loss: Yo Gaba - Turn Off My Brain At Night
Sleep Deprivation and Weight Loss
Small Portions and Weight Regain after Dieting
Sodium and weight Loss
Specific Carbs for Weight Loss
Study: Effects of Diet on Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome
Sugar Drinks and Weight Loss - Part 2
Superfoods for Weight Loss
Taking The Stairs and Weight Loss
The "Into It/Out Of It" problem
The Fallacy of 'It's Okay to Be Overweight
The Plateau Buster Diet
Those Who Weigh Often Weigh Less
Top Weight Loss Myths
Topical Weight Loss is back - (And This Time There's PROOF!)
Understanding Glycemic Load For Weight Loss
Waist Circumference Going Up On U.S Adults
Water Drinking and Weight Loss From Thermogenesis
Weight Loss and Carbs part 3
Weight Loss and Energy Deficit During Cardio
Weight Loss and Inflammation
Weight Loss and Longevity
Weight Loss and Sugar Drinks
Weight Loss Diets - The JAMA Study Revisited
Weight Loss in Men Improves Gonad Function
Weight Loss May Reduce Risk of Throat Cancer
Weight Loss: LookCut's Healthy Fitness Perspective - An Introduction
Whats Missing From Weight Loss
Yoga, Diabetes and Weight Loss
You Don't Need A Weight Loss Diet, You Need The Skill to Manage Energy Intake

Diet Review: The South Beach Diet
Excess Pregnancy Weight Increases Risk of Long Term Weight Gain
More fat = less bone density
Omega 6 Imbalance Promotes Weight Gain
Overweight Associated With Depression and Panic Attacks
Personality Characteristics Predispose Towards Overweight
Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain
Stop Weight Gain
Study Links Low Testosterone, Depression, With Skinny and Overweight

Abdominal Fat Predicts Heart Disease
Anorexia - Prolonged Malnutrition Associated With Excess Fat in Problem Areas
Carb Diet Favors Abdominal Fat Gain
Food Additive Spotlight - Calcium Sulphite
Got Milk Allergy?
Local Blood Flow and Weight Loss Spot Reduction
Lose Belly Fat
No Carbs ad Fiber for Better LDL
Pot Belly From Stress Explained
Recognizing Wheat Allergy
Stress and Abdominal Fat in Women

Aqua Sprinting - The Weight Loss Wonder Workout
Are you sleep lifting? (Alternative title: What they are teaching you for resistance training is total crap)
Deans Secrets of Great Glutes
Endurance Training Damages Health
Exercise Can Totally Reverse Insulin Resistance
Exercise Helps Insulin Resistance Children
Exercise Impacts Key Fat Hormone
Exercise Without Weight Loss is Still Pretty Good
Good cardio capacity + overweight = bad
Incline running burns more energy
Intense Exercise Improves Learning
Intense Exercise Lowers Hunger
It's Official - Electrical Stimulation Devices Suck
It's official empty stomach exercise burns fat faster
Moderate Intensity Exercise With Explosive Contractions Best For Weight Loss
Peak Shape vs Average Shape
Peak Shape vs Average Shape Part 2
Pregnancy and Exercise
Resistance Training and Fat Burning For Women
Resistance Training and Spot Reduction of fat
Resistance Training, Weight Loss and Insulin Sensitivity
Spot Fat Accumulation Reversed by Exercise
The Best Armband Monitor
The New Science of Warm Up Stretches
Walking Farther Beats Walking Faster
Weight Loss From Exercise Preserves Muscle

1 Year Weight Loss Study - Meal Replacements Show Better Essential Nutrient Intake Than Regular Food
5 HTP for Weight Loss
583mg Of Green Tea is the Magic Number
Ashitaba Debunked for Weight Loss and Cellulite
Bitter Melon Aids Insulin Sensitivity
Can Taking Glucosamine Make you Fat?
Carnitine for Weight Loss Via Decreased Insulin Resistance
Chromium Picolinate Claims Not Supported
DHA May Mediate Arteriosclerosis
Diet Pills - Which ones, When and How?
Diet Pills Skyrocket Among Teens
Diet Pills: The Healthy Fitness Perspective
Evodiamine and Weight Loss
Fish Oil and Weight Loss
Food Additive Spotlight
Food Additive Spotlight - Guar Gum
Food Additive Spotlight - Parabens, Dermatitis and Estrogen
Food Additive Spotlight - Potassium Nitrate
GLA Keeps The Weight Off
Glucomannan and Weight Loss
Green Tea and Carb Metabolism
High Sodium Intake Increases White Fat
How to Use Meal Replacements
How to Use Meal Replacements - Getting the Benefits While Eliminating the Liabilities
Is Artemisia Better Than Green Tea
Is Caralluma the Next Anti-Hunger Wonder Supplement?
L-Carnitine Key Regulator in Energy Selection
L-Carnitine May Improve Kidney Dysfunction From Being Overweight
Lack of Magnesium Associated With Metabolic Syndrome
Low Magnesium and High Sugar Intake - The Problem of Oxidative Stress and Weight Loss
Low SHBG Means Frailty For Men Over 50
MSM - The forgotten anti-inflammatory agent.
New Weight Loss Herb - Nymphaceae
Oral Glucosamine and Insulin Sensitivity
Palatinose - A Weight Loss Sugar?
Pyruvate Revisited for Weight Loss
Soy Protein Sucks - but so does lame science.
The Last Word on CLA for Weight Loss
TreadMill Colds - The Exercise Connection
Universal Food Additive Maltodextrin May Promote Salmonella
Whey And Creatine Promote Hypertrophy
Whey Concentrate Improves Blood Sugar Balance
Which Diet Pill if You are Over 35 and Stuck
Which Meal Replacements are Best
White Bean Extract For Weight Loss

Avocado and Weight Loss
Carbs and Stress Eating
Cereals VS Vegetables For Weight Loss
Eat For Longevity
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Burns Brown Fat
Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Weight Loss
Food Allergy Treatment
Getting Lean from Carbs
High Carb High Fat Meals and Instant Aging
Intake of Fat and Meat Does not Increase Prostate Cancer
Millennials Fleeing Mcdonalds
Non-Fat Milk Beats Soy Protein Post Workout
Nuts and Weight Loss
Red Meat and Weight Loss
Seaweed Raises Thryoid in Postmenopausal Women
Sports Drinks Don't Hydrate Faster Than Water
Students Revolt Online Against Michelle Obama Lunches.
Trans Fats Cause Abdominal Fat Gain Even At Low Calories
Understanding Egg Allergies for Weight Loss Success
Vegan Diet Better For Weight Loss Than Low Cholesterol Diet

Food Allergy and Weight Gain
Frequent Eating and Weight Gain Pre and Post Menopause
Intestinal bacteria and obesity
Obesity: The Infant Formula link
Pre Meal Water Consumption Reduces energy Intake in Older Adults.
Yellow 6 - The Color of Fat and Stupid

Beating Abnormal Hunger and Cravings with Food
Calcium May Help Hunger In Short Term Weight Loss
Eating More Makes You Eat More
Excess Hunger Hormones Associated with Inflammation
Medicating Hunger - a Really Bad Weight Loss Strategy
Using Visualization to Beat Food Cravings

10 Years Of HGH Therapy - Fat Loss Sustained
Alli and Personality Type
Histamine Blockers and Weight Loss
New Phentermine Study Adds Weight to Phentermine Effectiveness
Understanding Alli

It's Official: Stomach Lipo Makes Breasts Bigger
Knowledge Beats Appearance as Obesity Motivator
Liposuction Improves Insulin Resistance
Phosphatidylcholine Injections for Localized Weight Loss

2 Hour Glucose and Hypertension
Fat Intake and Metabolic Damage
Mitochondria Decay, Aging and Weight Loss