A new paradigm. A revolutionary smart technology. Permanent weight control.
What is VEEP How VEEP Works Who's Using VEEP What's Included

Control Your Weight.

The Revolutionary Program used by Major Cities, Hospitals and Corporations.

Science based. Used in Employee Wellness.

Visual Portions
Never count calories
or track meals again by learning
portions VISUALLY.
Superfood synergy
You learn how to time, combine
and manipulate food to control
your metabolism and hormones.
VEEP University
While your weight comes down
your abilities go up! You gain the
ability to eat freely and maintain.
Smart System
Adapts when you get
off track!
VEEP Paradigm
The new paradigm helps you break
the cycle of dieting
and weight regain.
Timing and patterns
Prevent the hormonal backlash
to weight loss.
Personalized Profile
Uniquely targeted to you.
Exactly what to eat.
All you have to do is eat what you
All the hard stuff is done for
100 point assessment
Discover your unique metabolic
needs and how to meet them.

What is VEEP?

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is VEEP.

What is VEEP How VEEP Works Who's Using VEEP What's Included

The Old Paradigm

Restriction. Avoidance. Counting. Temporary
behaviors that can not create permanent
change. Calories in = Calories out.
The false premise weight loss solves the problem.

The VEEP Paradigm

Unique foods exert unique effects independent of
calories. Functional food combining lets you eat freely.
No tracking. The core problem is not weight loss,
it's controlling your weight in real life.
avoid white foods
avoid dairy
avoid meals
like this
track this meal
if you do eat it.
count calories or points
and keep track of totals
use sourdough bread - aids blood sugar
dairy here aids fat burning
and impairs fat storage
key food patterns
free you to eat this
without weight gain
no need to
track or count.
learning portions visually frees you
from measuring portions.
What is VEEP How VEEP Works Who's Using VEEP What's Included

How VEEP works

Phase 1: Getting the weight off with out the hormonal rebound

Just like how not every route up the mountain gets
you to the summit, not all weight loss methods are equal.

The weight loss phase of VEEP involves getting the fat off without creating
the hormonal rebound that makes your body regain the weight.
draws from over 3,000 of the most recent studies to create the most
advanced system of eating ever created.
Click or tap over each
link in the wheel to learn
how VEEP works.


What is VEEP How VEEP Works Who's Using VEEP What's Included

How VEEP works

Phase 2: Learning how to use food for optimal health
  while eating freely when you want to


While the weight is coming off you take two VEEP
lessons per week. VEEP University is
totally revolutionary. There is nothing like it
anywhere. Far far beyond simple tricks. VEEP
University teaches you how to attain optimal health while
eating freely when you want to. Click to watch an
actual segment from VEEP University.

What is VEEP How VEEP Works Who's Using VEEP What's Included

Who is using VEEP?

Medical professionals, hospitals, major cities and corporations have all been using VEEP
for their wellness programs for the last few years. Now the same program is available to you. Here is what medical
professionals and employees of major cities had to say.

For the last 2 years, employees of some of the largest cities and corporations have had
access to VEEP through their employers. Now you can have access to the same advanced technology
that is changing lives. These are all real results with VEEP, most of them in less than 6 months.