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The "Into It/Out Of It" problem

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The problem of being “out of it” and needing to “get back into it” is familiar to anyone who has ever tried to get into a routine of diet, exercise and weight loss.

The simple, unavoidable, intractable truth is that most of us will spend more than half of our life being totally “out of it” with respect to eating right, weight loss and exercise.

Much of the time we are out of it we spend telling ourselves we just need to get “back into it”. Since getting back “into it” means increasing the time, energy and focus we allocate to weight loss, eating right and exercise, it’s easier said than done.

The approach you find here at LookCut places the problem of being “out of it” as on of the most significant challenges to our goal of helping you be lean, fit and energetic for life. The reason is simple.

You don’t get fat when you are “into it”. You get fat when you are “out of it”.  

All of us are going to spend long periods of our lives being totally out of it where all the damage gets done.

The problem is that for the vast majority of people, being “into it” CANNOT solve the problem of being “out of it”. The reason is simple. You don’t get paid to be fit for a living.

If being “into it” means increasing the time, energy and focus we devote to exercise, weight loss and fitness, simple reality for people who don’t make a living by being fit that LIFE PRESSURES, inexorably, and without fail, always compete and take over the time we devote to being “into it.  So what happens? You get out of it.  The time you are out of it tends to usually be longer than the time you were “into it”.  Accordingly, you get fat.

What you CAN do is periodically get “into it” from time to time. What you CAN NOT do is stay “into it” permanently, unless of course, you make your living by being fit.

If you want to be lean and fit for life, you are going to need to find a way to address weight gain during periods of being “out of it” that do not involve having to “get into it”.

If you think about it for a minute, by trying to stay “into it” the average person is simply trying to approximate the lifestyle of someone who gets paid to be fit. We have a term for this at LookCut. It’s called the Fundamental Disconnect. The Fundamental Disconnect is this…

You have an industry of people who are fit for a living telling people who work for a living how to use their time in order to be fit.

This is why trying to be “into it” on a continuing basis always fails. It does not deal realistically with what really happens over the long haul for ordinary people. First on the list of what happens over the long haul are long periods of being ‘out of it’. This is simply reality folks.

The basis of The LookCut Method that we will be releasing shortly here at LookCut was developed specifically in response to this reality.

The LookCut Method is a REALITY BASED and LONGEVITY FOCUSED method for dealing with the real barriers to lifetime weight maintenance, energy and fitness.   In our previous article, we looked at the 3 barriers all of us face over the long haul. Stay tuned. We are working over time to roll this out to you shortly.  The LookCut Method represents a true system based not in fitness or weight loss fantasy, but the reality of modern life with a true long-term focus on what really works.