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Whats Missing From Weight Loss

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New Years. Time to get going on your weight loss program, right?

Before you start, ask yourself one question. Ask yourself “Do I really want to do another round of weight loss next year?”

If I can venture a guess, the answer is not “no”, it’s “hell no!”

What you want is to get to your desired weight and then stay there.  Everyone does.  

The sobering truth, however, is that few people ever stay at their desired weight. The simple reason why is that “weight loss” or losing weight, does not address the fundamental challenges to being lean, fit and energetic for life. Weight loss only erases the evidence of what amount to long term challenges to your weight maintenance.

What are the fundamental challenges to being lean, fit and energetic for life? There are 3.

The first barrier to being lean, fit and energetic for life is your feeding behavior. Weight loss does not automatically “fix” issues or problems with feeding behavior. Often, losing weight makes issues with feeding behavior worse over the long haul.  

The second barrier to being lean and fit for life is aging. As you get older, it’s easier to get fatter. If you want to be lean, fit and energetic for life you better start thinking about how your machine is aging.  Weight loss does not solve the problem of age related weight gain.

The final barrier to being lean, fit and energetic for life is what we here at LookCut call Metabolic Damage.  Metabolic damage is simply damage to your bodies energy maintenance and utilization systems.

Most of us have some familiarity with insulin resistance.  Insulin resistance is a form of Metabolic Damage that impairs your ability to use food for energy. There are many other kinds of Metabolic Damage, such as Mitochondrial Decay,  Leptin Resistance, and many others.  

If you really want to get to a place where you can be lean, fit and energetic for life, you have got to start taking serious the idea of Metabolic Damage. If you damage the systems that regulate and utilize food for energy, you will store it as fat.

Weight loss does not address Metabolic Damage. In fact, many weight loss programs stress, “eat the foods you like and lose weight”. This approach fails to understand that eating the foods you like creates Metabolic Damage more often than not.

In summary, you can lose weight by allocating large amounts of time to exercise and restrictive dieting,  but that does not address the fundamental reasons why you gain weight over the long haul. In fact, repeated bouts of weight loss are clear evidence you haven’t solved anything. You just periodically erase the evidence a problem with age related weight gain, Metabolic Damage, and your feeding behavior.

The ultimate challenge is to address the issues of feeding behavior, Metabolic Damage, and age related weight gain in a real world context. You see if we are just honest about life in the real world, you simply will not be able to sustain major time allocations for restrictive dieting and exercise. You can “get into it” periodically, but life pressures always take over.

If you are wondering why you can’t find anyone else talking about Metabolic Damage and weight loss, it’s because the term is part of a comprehensive system to address the 3 barriers in a real world context – The LookCut Method.

The LookCut Method is much more than a weight loss regimen. It’s a system designed to get you past weight loss. It addresses the 3 barriers to being lean, fit and energetic for life in the context of today’s modern, busy lifestyle where life pressures always compete for the time you allocate to being fit. In short, The LookCut Method is a system to really achieve the desired goal of being lean, fit and energetic for life.

In about 2 weeks, we will roll out The LookCut Method here at LookCut.  If you are interested, send us an email at, and as we get close to release, we will put you on our list of people who get a preview.