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No Carbs ad Fiber for Better LDL

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A new study from the University of Connecticut, Storrs indicates the addition of soluble fiber to a restricted carbohydrate diet significantly lowers blood LDL cholesterol levels.

The study, which focused only on male test subjects, randomly divided 30 overweight subjects into a placebo and a control group. The control group receiving the soluble fiber demonstrated a 17.1% reduction in LDL at week 6 and a 14% reduction in LDL by week 12. The placebo group showed only significant results at week 12 with a 6% reduction.

Real World Applicability: Would not recommend carb restriction in the first place as part of a plan for 'on average'. As far as a fiber supplement goes, I think fresh whole foods are superior to fiber supplements. If you are in a Peak Shape cycle and low carb dieting definitely ad a fiber supplement. If you are dead set on carb restriction, I would suggest a more effective route is to utilize a low energy/high volume carb such as celery in conjunction with your protein or fat intake. Several studies indicate the natural roughage will have a significant effect on satiation and slow the rate of fat absorption.

Gender note: It's also important to mention that studies (Burton, Freeman) have suggested that men and woman have different signals for satiety and that different types of fiber may affect men and women differently.