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Whey Concentrate Improves Blood Sugar Balance

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Lactalbumin rich whey concentrate may aid sugar addicts in keeping their glucose balance.

A recent study out of France examines the relationship between diets high in sugar and ability of proteins rich in cysteine such as whey concentrate to ameliorate the impact on blood sugar balance.

Rats fed a high sugar diet for 6 weeks were supplemented with n-acetylsystein rich foods such as whey concentrate. The increase in dietary cystein via whey concentrate decreased liver insulin production in response to a high sugar dietary intake.

In one sense, this is a landmark study. It clearly demonstrates food rich cystein can improve blood sugar balance in high sugar diets. The other side of this is that diets high in sugar are undesirable no matter what. Better results can be had from just laying off the sugar. Rule of thumb from this study, if you must consume sugar, have a bit of whey concentrate along with it.