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Aqua Sprinting - The Weight Loss Wonder Workout

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If you are bored of the treadmill, not losing weight on the stair climber or just want to enjoy the summer and lose weight at the same time then let me introduce you to Aqua Sprinting.

Aqua Sprinting is an amazing total body workout that will help you simultaneously lose weight, strengthen your cardio and shape and define your entire body with supple, shapely, lean muscle.

The body shaping wonder workout that elite fitness athletes have long done when it’s time to really shed the fat and attain the lean, muscular athletic look that everyone wants is sprinting. Nothing shapes you faster. Likewise, nothing is harder to recover from. From a practical standpoint, sprinting on a track is simply too difficult for most people who want to simply lose weight and lean up to do.

Enter aqua sprinting.  Aqua sprinting is like doing 4 workouts in one. It’s a resistance training workout. You work every muscle in your body, particularly, legs, quads, arms and shoulders to an unreal level. It’s like hitting a resistance circuit several times over.

Aqua sprinting is a cardio workout. If you think you are in good cardio shape, this will be your litmus test. Aqua sprinting takes your cardio to a new level.

Aqua sprinting is a weight loss fat burning wonder workout. Aqua sprinting burns tons of calories and helps you lose weight and melt fat.  

Most important from a longevity perspective, aqua sprinting is low impact. You get the benefits of both sprinting and resistance training without the wear and tear on the body.

So let’s get too it. Here are a couple of variations of different types of aqua sprint workouts you can do to lose weight, melt fat and gain the muscular, lean athletic look.  First, let’s look at some basic points.

Aqua Sprinting Basics
The key to effective weight loss and resistance training from aqua sprinting is to drive your arms and drive and lift your knees.

Things to Know About Driving Your Arms:
The resistance provided by water makes for an amazing upper body workout IF you drive your arms properly. The trick is to angle your palms to get the maximum resistance from the water. A few tips

Tips For the Arms
-With your lead arm, keep your palm open, at a 45 degree inward angle when driving up. This makes it more difficult to and creates more resistance.
-Don’t break the surface of the water, but bring your hands just under it.
-Put your palm flat to the water with your trailing arm.
-The harder you drive your arms, the more calories you expend, the more muscles your work, the more weight you lose and the faster you see the shape you want.

Tips for The Legs
-Wear an Aqua Sock for greater traction
-Lean forward and drive your legs and LIFT your knees
-Push off with your quads.

If you get the basic right with your arms and legs, you will be absolutely astounded at how powerful this is for both cardio and resistance without the wear and tear of other workouts.

Now on to the actual workout.

With the interval aqua workout, you will do short bursts of 25 to 35 yards in each direction in your pool. You will do 4 to 6 of these short 25 yard bursts, stopping or slowing only to reverse direction. A group of 4 to 6 of these bursts is 1 SET. You will do 3 to 6 sets to begin with.

This type of workout maximizes resistance and cardio. So it looks like this

Set 1:
25 yards up and back 2 or 3 times each direction X 3 to 6 SETS.

Rest 30 to 60 seconds in between and STRETCH. Use the low gravity environment to really stretch your back, hamstrings and all muscles that gravity makes it so hard to really get to.

Things to keep in mind
-Ideally these are SPRINTS. Depending on your level of fitness to begin with, experiment with driving your arms and legs as if you were trying to sprint.

-Vary your rest and sets for more intensity.

This variation looks for a slightly less intense pace in return for a longer sustained time interval. Here you look to do a sustained sprint/jog for 5 minute intervals and a 2 minute rest. A few keys

-Turn corners when changing direction instead of stopping to turn around. This sustains the pace.
-Drive your arms and legs at a pace you can sustain
-Don’t sacrifice resistance for time. The resistance the water provides is a big part of the results. If you start skipping through the water, it’s time to stop or try the interval sprint workout.

There you have it. These are amazing total body weight loss workouts. Let me know what you think.