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1 Year Weight Loss Study - Meal Replacements Show Better Essential Nutrient Intake Than Regular Food

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A weight loss study involving calorie restriction for 1 year shows meal replacements delivering a better array of essential nutrients over regular food.

A new study from the Journal of Nutrition follows 96 women for 1 year comparing the use of meal replacements and food. Both groups restricted their calories and consumed the same ratio of fats, carbs and protein.

Both groups lost similar amounts of weight. What did stand out was the group eating regular food had a significantly lower intake of key vitamins and mineral compared to the meal replacement group.

What this study illustrates is the concept of NUTRIENT DENSITY – how much nutrient value is in a given amount of food.

While meal replacements have been somewhat maligned in recent years, this study does illustrate a big advantage of meal replacements – the ability to pack very dense amount of nutrients into a very small amount of calories.