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Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

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2 new studies show an alarming connection to sleep deprivation, weight gain, diabetes and obesity.

A lack of sleep predisposes you towards weight gain and obesity by...

1.Changing the way you metabolize carbs and glucose

2.Increasing your appetite

3.Decreasing your metabolism.

Poor glucose metabolism will increase hunger via impaired insulin signaling. Impaired insulin signaling in turn drives hunger. Thus, the mechanism of weight gain from sleep deprivation appears to be impaired glucose metabolism.

In summary, sleep deprivation de-regulates the hormones that control appetite and insulin sensitivity. (see our article on Leptin sensitity)


1. Get on a fat with concentrated eicosanoids from EPA and DHA. Eicosanoids improve glucose metabolism. They also decrease appetite and help you sleep better.

2. Try some GABA at bed time. GABA turns off \'My brain won\'t shut off\' syndrome

3.  No processed carbs or liquid sugars before bed.

 Rule of Thumb: Sleep deprivation results in impaired glucose metabolism. You can combat this by increasing key types of fats and restricting processed sugars.

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