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Cereals VS Vegetables For Weight Loss

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A very interesting study out of Universidad Complutense in Spain has shown that for women, increasing the proportion of total cereals in the diet seemed to produce more weight loss than increasing the proportion of total vegetables.

The study looked at 59 women over 6 weeks who increased the proportion of either cereals or vegetables and greens.  The cereals group lost an average of 2.8 pounds versus the vegetables group who lost an average of 2 pounds.

This study is quite interesting in that the vegetable group should have shown greater weight loss due to the lesser caloric density (the amount of calories to total volume of food) and lesser glycemic load( the total impact on blood sugar) of vegetables over cereals.

Before you start switching to cereals over vegetables, keep in mind this is only one study and a number of variables, such as the type of cereals, type of vegetables, ethnic history of the subjects, and ratio’s of protein to carbs could also be at work here.