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Intense Exercise Lowers Hunger

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While the trend de jour for weight loss seems to be to medicate hunger, a new study gives us the exact impact of exercise on the major hunger hormones so we can dump the hunger pills.

The University of Surrey School of BioMed has just released a very interesting study on the effects of intense exercise on hunger.  

What is of particular interest in this study is the authors measured actual blood levels of key hunger hormones.

In short, moderately intense exercise, say an hour of cycling, for example, produces a decrease in hunger sensations.

Rule of thumb, in addition to stopping insulin resistance, exercise also helps mitigate hunger.  Exercise for weight loss just keeps looking better and better.

Hunger Hormone Snapshot:
 It appears there are 3 key hunger hormones that exercise affects – GLP-1, polypeptide YY, and pancreatic polypeptide.

GLP-1 is Glucagons Like Peptide -1. GLP -1 is a primarily a carb related hunger hormone. GLP-1 causes you to stop eating. It is produced in the intestine and causes insulin output to increase.

Neuropeptide YY is another hormone produced in the small intestine that also causes you to stop eating.

Pancreatic polypeptide is produced in the pancreas in response to high protein intake or exercise and helps signal the pancreas to secrete bile and tell you to stop eating

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