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Oral Glucosamine and Insulin Sensitivity

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Key Point: New research strongly suggests taking glucosamine impairs insulin sensitivity.

Does glucosamine make you fat? The evidence is in. The answer is YES, taking glucosamine makes you fat.

In a previous article we put it out there that prolonged use of glucosamine can weaken your insulin sensitivity.

Poor insulin sensitivity is associated with weight gain, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

Our previous article left the question hanging on the use of oral glucosamine. A recent study now points to oral use of glucosamine and insulin sensitivity.

The University of Oklahoma has released a study showing that people with underlying poor insulin sensitivity who take glucosamine for osteoarthritis put themselves at risk for worsening insulin resistance.

38 subjects took 1500mg of glucosamine orally for 6 weeks.  The glucosamine group showed a clear increase in insulin sensitivity after 6 weeks.

What this means is that if you are overweight and you take glucosamine for your joints, you may wish to us an alternative such as collagen hydrolysate, which has good evidence for joint and tendon support and does not impact your insulin sensitivity like a good collagen hydrolysate.  There are several other good ones on the market.

Oral Glucosamine in Doses Used to Treat Osteoarthritis Worsens Insulin Resistance.
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