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Breakfast Eaters are Thinner

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You an always count on science to eventually get around to pointing out the obvious.

A new study from Harvard School of Public Health reports on over 5,000 men over a 10 year period examining statistical correlations between weight loss, weight gain and breakfast consumption.

The results of the study show that not eating breakfast is directly correlated with weight gain of about 10 pounds over a 10 year period.

Men who ate breakfast regularly were far less likely to gain weight than men who did not over the same period.

What this study points to is simply the power of increased thermogenesis through more frequent meals.

Rule of Thumb: Eating breakfast and weight loss go together.


A Prospective Study of Breakfast Consumption and Weight Gain among U.S. Men

Amber A.W.A. van der Heijden*,, Frank B. Hu*,,, Eric B. Rimm*,, and Rob M. van Dam