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Resistance Training and Spot Reduction of fat

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If someone tells you there is no such thing as spot reduction of fat, you can tell him or her evidence is not conclusive one way or another. A new study from the University of Connecticut murk’s up the issue a bit further.

The study examined under the skin fat measurements in 104 subjects (half men, half women) utilizing resistance training on one arm.

The results varied by gender and how fat was measured.

When measuring subcutaneous fat by skin fold, the men showed a clear decrease in fat on the resistance trained arm, the women also showed a decrease, but not as significant.

When measured by MRI, there was a generalized loss of fat, but not spot reduction.

The results of the study were in general inconclusive one way or another. Further study will hopefully narrow down the issue.

What the study does show from skin fold measurements is that resistance training gives you skin tightness, either from fat loss or increased muscle volume.