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Beating Abnormal Hunger and Cravings with Food

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You are about to learn a powerful and intractable truth about hunger and cravings.

This truth is not opinion, conjecture, or the product of anecdotal experience. It is the product of hard science said in a way that will empower you to victory over food behavior that controls you. It will change how you think about hunger. It will change the way you look at food. It will empower you to be lean for life. It works for everyone who puts it into practice and it will work for you.  Are you ready? Here is the LookCut healthy fitness rule for hunger and cravings.

Eating the foods you crave is driving your cravings and you are eating too much because of what you are not eating.

Simply put, you can immediately and dramatically alter your hunger and cravings by eating less of certain things and starting to eat more of other things.

It is simply a lie to think you can address abnormal hunger over the long haul through any means other than food.  This is why the current weight loss trend of medicating hunger is such a flawed idea. It assumes abnormal hunger and cravings are normal.

The cutting edge of obesity research demonstrates that normal feeding patters become ‘deregulated’ or broken by constant intake of certain foods with high caloric density.

Normal hunger occurs every 2 to 4 hours. Eating every 2 to 4 hours keeps you lean and promotes weight loss increased metabolic action. Normal hunger helps with weight loss – permanently.

Abnormal hunger occurs when the mechanisms governing energy intake becomes ‘deregulated’ or broken. The weight of research clearly implicates certain kinds of foods as the culprit behind broken feeding behavior, i.e., abnormal hunger and cravings.

A cornerstone of LookCut’s Healthy Fitness approach for lasting weight loss is avoiding weight loss practices that hurt you over the long haul. If you attempt to deal with hunger through means other than food, you are only hurting yourself over the long haul. 

Food is both the cause and the cure of abnormal hunger and cravings.

Now that you have learned the simple but powerful truth about hunger and cravings, we are going to give you the simple but powerful solution. Again, there is nothing faddish or conjectural here, only what simply works based on good science.

How to abolish cravings and hunger using food – The LookCut Method for Healthy Fitness
There are 3 simple things that you can immediately put into practice to reverse abnormal hunger and cravings. By implementing these things, you will create a powerful shift in the hormonal signals governing your food intake and cravings. Here they are.

RULE 1: Reverse your ratio of simple sugars to good fats

Sugars drive cravings. Fats drive satiety. Dietary patterns filled with processed carbohydrates and bad fats create abnormal hunger and cravings. Dietary patterns low in processed carbs and high in good fats promote normal eating and normal hunger. It’s that simple. 

Many people live their lives in abnormal state of cravings and hunger caused by an imbalance sugars and fats.  We have come to accept an imbalance of sugars and fats as 'normal' and have been led to believe the abnormal hunger created by our eating patterns is part of who we are.  This simply isn't the case. This is the problem with the idea of medicating hunger for weight loss. It treats the symptom not the cause.

Let’s take a look at the LookCut healthy fitness rule for hunger and cravings again and use the powerful clarity it gives us into this problem.
Eating the foods you crave is driving your cravings and you are eating too much because of what you are not eating.

If you want the simplest and most powerful way to stand your hunger and cravings on end and reverse the problem do the following

-    dramatically cut down on processed carbs
-    dramatically cut down on bad fats
-    dramatically increase good fats

If your first thought is that you are going to have to stifle cravings for the things you cut out, what you need to understand is those cravings are 50% driven by eating the things you crave, and 50% driven by not eating good fats.

The technique we employee when individuals come to us at LookCut looking for weight loss help involves the following specifics.


-no liquid sugars
-limit your intake of carbs that you can't pull from the ground or pick from a tree, particularly past 3pm
-nothing fried, ever
-include 2 to 3 capfuls of Eicosoid70 every day alone or with a scoop of protein powder.

This routine simply nukes hunger and cravings.  In particular, the extremely high ratio of EPA/DHA in Eicosoid70 seems to greatly influence weight loss and control hunger.

Person after person has come back to us having adopted the LookCut Healthy Fitness approach and detailed their shock at how hunger and cravings are simply gone. This is simply good science put into practice folks. Fats drive satiety and simple sugars and bad fats drive hunger and cravings.

NEXT INSTALLMENT - RULE 2 and RULE 3 for beating hunger with food!