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Good cardio capacity + overweight = bad

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A recent study by the University of South Carolina has yielded some interesting results regarding people who have are overweight but have good levels of cardio vascular conditioning.
Overweight subjects with good cardio capability showed high levels of fasting insulin. What this means is that despite being fit in terms of cardiovascular capability, being overweight still predisposes you towards metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

What this report is saying is that the more body fat you have, the easier it is to put on more body fat.

We are all familiar people who can churn out an hour on the treadmill at a breakneck pace but are still overweight. This study points to the importance of getting your body fat down and keeping it down. Getting your body fat down is very difficult. Keeping it down is much harder. I think this really underscores the importance of a practical lifelong plan for low body fat, which is the core of what we do with longevity based fitness.

Real World Applicability: As discussed in The LookCut Way: Longevity Based Fitness, an important component of a workable, lifelong plan for keeping body fat down is to minimize your damage zones.

Damage Zones are common situations where 90% of weight gain happens for most people Assuming you are applying Principle 3 - our food supply is full of poison, two of the most important damage zones are

a. The last meal of the day - Get in the routine of doing a meal replacement 2x per week as you last meal of the day. Never do meal replacements on successive nights. Start with 2 nights per week and alternate doing 3x per week on alternating weeks.

b. Alcohol + Food - Alcohol does not make you fat, but alcohol together with food causes food to go to the back of the line as an energy supply. The bottom line is too either limit your alcohol intake with food or take the alcohol first and wait 45 minutes before eating. Nothing ads fat faster than taking alcohol together with meals.