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Oxidative Stress and Weight Loss

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Oxidative Stress and Weight Loss

In simplest terms, inflammation makes you fat. Here is how it works.

Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are things like free radicals and single molecules of oxygen. ROS cause damage to your cells and tissue.

Normally, your body has mechanism that neutralize ROS and keep them within normal levels.
The Sugar Connection to Oxidative Stress
The body’s natural mechanisms for neutralizing oxidative stress become compromised through diet. Diets that promote high blood sugar increase ROS production and overwhelm the body’s natural defense against ROS.

Oxidative Stress and Insulin Signaling
ROS create a condition known as Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Stress occurs when the bodies natural defense against ROS are overwhelmed and chronic low grade inflammation occurs within the arteries.

Chronic inflammation of the arteries damages insulin function. The body no longer can use food for energy, but instead must store it as fat.

Reducing chronic inflammation and excess ROS is vital for weight loss and weight control.