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Low Dose Alcohol vs High Dose Alcohol and Weight Loss

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For years we have known that routinely drinking alcohol in small amounts is associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Recently the underlying mechanisms of why this is so have come to light.  

New evidence on alcohol metabolization shows that ½ glass of wine you have with dinner actually helps your better metabolize carbs via improving your insulin sensitivity.  

If you have good insulin sensitivity you will be more likely to burn carbs for energy than store them as fat. This means that that your cells respond well to low to moderate doses of insulin to pull sugar from your blood into the cells where it can be metabolized for energy.

A recent study from The University of Arkansas on rats fed low dose alcohol has identified a process in the liver by which alcohol acts on a key enzyme complex involved in insulin signaling.

This results in increased insulin sensitivity.

With this latest research, we now have a clear mechanism that finally explains why low dose alcohol actually seems to help you burn carbs better.

Conversely, a previous study from this same group has also identified that high dose intake of alcohol blocks the activation of enzymes that are necessary for glucose transport.  This leads to insulin resistance, meaning you will be more likely to store carbs as fat.

In summary – low dose alcohol facilitates burning carbs better. High dose alcohol impairs carb metabolization.

Rule of Thumb – ½ martini is good. 1 Full martini is bad.