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GLA Keeps The Weight Off

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A new study out of UC Davis study indicates that Gama Lineolic Acid (GLA) reduces weight regain in humans following major weight loss.

This may be good news to people concerned about keeping the weight off after experiencing a lot of weight loss

The findings suggest a role for essential fatty acids in fuel partitioning in humans prone to obesity and weight gain.

GLA is an omega 6 fatty acid from vegetable oils.

In the study, fifty formerly obese humans were randomized into a double-blind study and given either 890 mg/d of GLA (5 g/d borage oil) or 5 g/d olive oil (controls) for 1 y.

The GLA group gained less weight than the control group over a specific period of time.

Rule of thumb - just lost a bunch of weight - add a bit of GLA.