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Study: Effects of Diet on Inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome

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A recent joint study by Warwick Medical School in the UK and the University of Naples, Italy affirms and underscores the approach to food we recommend here at LookCut. The study examines dietary patterns and their relation to inflammation and Metabolic Syndrome. Dietary patterns high in refined starches and trans fatty acids and poor in omega fats correlate directly to a high degree of inflammatory markers. Dietary patters that basically involve whole foods high in grains, vegetables and fruits with adequate omega oil intake correlate directly with patterns of reduced inflammation

Real World Application: If you haven't read the LookCut Way basic principle 3 - Our Food Supply is Full of Poison, you may want to give it a read. The quick recap is the environmental factor that ages you the most is FOOD! The direct consequence of this truth is eating for longevity keeps you lean, and preserves your ability to get lean in the first place. The tactical application of this principle is fresh, whole foods as much as possible, organic as much as possible, raw as much as possible. The 'as much as possible' is to acknowledge how difficult this is to do in practice, but even 50% of the time puts you way ahead of the problem.