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Exercise Can Totally Reverse Insulin Resistance

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A new study from The University of Michigan demonstrates that fatty acid induced insulin resistance can be totally reversed the day after endurance exercise.

What you need to know about insulin resistance are 4 things – it makes you fat, degree’s of insulin resistance are highly correlated with certain dietary patterns and it is a precursor to type 2 diabetes, and finally, it prematurely ages you due to excess insulin secretion creating premature cell death.

Simply put, insulin resistance is a condition in which you produce excess insulin because a normal amount of insulin is not sufficient to cause your muscles to remove glucose from your blood. It is caused in party by too many fatty acids from carrying too much fat.

For those of us interested in weight loss and longevity, this study demonstrates that exercise is an essential tool in getting our bodies away from a pre-diabetic state.

Part of the problem many people have with weight loss is that the more excess fat you have, the more insulin resistance you are, and thus the harder it is to lose fat through dieting.

This makes clear that by combining an endurance cardio program with a diet free of processed carbs can quickly accelerate weight loss/fat loss over simply dieting alone.

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