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10 Years Of HGH Therapy - Fat Loss Sustained

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In one of the few long term studies ever done to asses the effects of growth hormone replacement therapy, a study from Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden reports on the effects with regard to bodyfat from taking growth hormone over a 10 year period. The net effect was to show that growth hormone supplementation showed a short term decrease in total bodyfat. At year 10, after subtracting out putting on weight simply due to aging, the subjects showed a sustained decrease in body fat. In other words, the subjects were leaner than they would have been had they not taken growth hormone.

52 men and 35 women with an average age of 44 were studied. For the long term effect of growth hormone supplementation on bodyfat.

The average dose administered was 1mg per day during the study and .5mg per day at year 10.

Growth Hormone Replacement in Adults
G. Götherström, B.-å. Bengtsson, I. Bosæus, G. Johannsson and J. Svensson