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Sodium and weight Loss

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Sodium and weight Loss

  •     Excess sodium intake can increase the mass of white fat cells.
  •     Excess sodium intake promotes hypertension.
  •     Height salt intake is associated to metabolic syndrome.

Excess sodium intake plays a key role in weight gain, obesity and your success maintaining weight loss.

Sodium intake and balance acts as a critical control point not only for the systems your body has to regulate blood pressure and fluid balance, but also fat mass. For people interested in weight loss, cutting excess sodium is critical.
New research shows that excess sodium intake promotes excess white fat mass. The higher your salt intake, the fatter you look because the fat cells themselves enlarged. High sodium intake seems to cause fat cells to store more glucose in the cell, making those cells larger.
What has not been studied is the effect of high sodium intake in combination with rich food. Rich food has been shown to deregulate the bodies mechanisms for weight control. Rich food in combination with high sodium intake may promote a metabolic environment of binge eating and rapid weight gain.
High sodium intake is also associated with hypertension, and hypertension is also associated closely with obesity.  People who are already overweight, risk developing hypertension if they sustain a high salt intake.
Metabolic syndrome is the term for a pattern of sustained weight gain. Metabolic syndrome is also a precursor to obesity and type 2 diabetes.