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New Weight Loss Herb - Nymphaceae

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Nymphaceae is a Chinese herb that has a history of medicinal use.

Recently, a study from the labs at Kirin Brewery (go figure) has isolated an extract from Nymphaceae that in studies with mice appear to improve fat burning in white fat cells.

Apparently, several phenol derived flavonoids in Nymphaceae, such as factions of quercetin and rutin, seem to act on specific receptors in white fat to improve fat burning and weight loss.

There are a couple of other studies on Nymphaceae with respect to anti-HIV properties that make this herb and its phenol compounds very interesting.

If a 'Weight Loss Beer' shows up on your grocery store shelf in the next year, remember you read about it here first.

We will keep watch on this herb as more evidence develops. 

Constituents from the Leaves of Nelumbo nucifera Stimulate Lipolysis in the White Adipose Tissue of Mice.

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