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Topical Weight Loss is back - (And This Time There's PROOF!)

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Topical spot reduction is now officially a reality. A spanking new study gives convincing proof you can lose weight just on the waist from topical application of the asthma drug aminophylline. Giving the value we give here at LookCut, we pay big bucks to buy the study so you can know the whole truth

Let’s face it, we all have our problem areas, so who wouldn’t want topical fat loss to be a reality. There may be reason to be encouraged. Here are the facts.

The author’s of the study theorize that the lypolytic threshold at different areas of the body cause fat to get stored more in certain area’s.  The lypolytic threshold is simply a fancy way of saying how readily stored fat is released into the bloodstream. The idea with topical aminophylline is that it lowers the lypolytic threshold for a local area. Here are the hard facts.

-The study involved 50 men and women aged 21 to 65.

-The control group and the experimental group both did a reduced calorie diet

-The control group applied a .5% aminophylline cream topically to the waist area.

-The subjects rubbed 15cc of cream per day to the waist area 2x per day.

- No significant side effects were seen in the experimental group

-At the end of 12 weeks, the experimental group showed an average of 6cm smaller decrease in waist circumference over the control group.

-Body Mass Index – the measure of a persons weight relative to his height, was better in the aminophylline group vs. the control group.

-Hip to Waist Ratio was lower in the aminophylline group. The women saw slightly better results than the men.

-Most interesting, the experimental group and the control group showed no differences in total body weight. The authors of the study speculate this is due to a redistribution of fat mass.

Thus, the study concludes that aminophylline does indeed facilitate topical fat loss.

Devils Advocate:
It’s not unusual to see studies funded by someone with a product to sell. We will keep our eyes peeled here. What appears to be special about his particular blend of aminophylline cream is the cream base. Apparently it has been reformulated to be stable and not cause rashes. No doubt we will be seeing this product hit the market very soon referencing this study.

Also, waist circumference does not necessarily correlate to decreased body fat. It could be that aminophylline simply caused a localized reduction in fluidic cell volume. Still, this is something to stay posted on. A topical fat loss product with a decent study behind it is worth keeping an eye on.

What is Aminophylline?:
Aminophylline belongs to the xanthine class of drugs. This is the same class to which caffeine and vinpocetine belong. These are stimulants most often used as bronchodilators for asthma.

How it works:
Aminophylline inhibits the breakdown of camp (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) within the cell, theoretically lowering the lypolytic threshold of the fat cell.

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