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How to Use Meal Replacements

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At first glance, this topic may seem so appallingly simple that you may assume it should consist of nothing more than ‘add water, stir and drink’. 

Fortunately, given our focus here on longevity and the distinction between Average Shape vs Peak Shape, there is quite a bit more to be said about the proper use of meal replacements.  

This article is broken into 2 segments: meal replacements to improve your Average Shape and meal replacements for Peak Shape.

How to Improve your average shape with meal replacements:

Meal replacements can be a fantastic tool to aid you in improving your Average Shape.  They do, however, have some serious drawbacks that we need to be aware of. Before we get to the best way to use them, lets first look  at why they are beneficial and what to be aware of to use them correctly.

As a tool that is easy to use on average to help you improve how you look on average, here is what meal replacements have in their favor that fit with our longevity fitness approach

1.    They help you save time.
2.    They are hormonally neutral (mostly )
3.    They tend to have a favorable ratio of anti-oxidants to toxins
4.    They keep you from overeating

Sounds pretty good right? So why not use meal replacements as much as possible? Well, let me summarize all of the reasons into 1 single reason. Ready? Here it is

Meal Replacements do not actually replace a true meal.  

A true meal addresses a cross spectrum of your physiological needs, including HORMONAL BALANCE. So here are a few things to think about

-    Cravings are hormonally governed.
-    Fullness is hormonally governed.
-    Absorption depends on a delicate microfloral balance.
-    Good fiber is required for proper intestinal health.

In short, when we start to think about the cross spectrum of physiological needs, the vast majority of meal replacements come up a little, or a lot short.   That doesn’t mean they can not serve as an effective tool, only that we should always bear in mind their limitations and use them properly.

The good news is that if we understand the limitations of meal replacements, we can maximize their strengths while minimizing the downside of prolonged use of them (I’ll cover this in part 2, tomorrow)

That being said let’s get into the meat of this article, how to best use a

meal replacement to improve your average shape and what meal replacements are best.


The single best way you can use a meal replacement to improve your average shape is...

Take 1 meal replacement per day as your dinner, no more than 3 days a week

You also don’t want to do this more than 2 days straight before having a meal.

By doing this in this manner, you will do 3 things.

1.    You keep from overeating at night
2.    You don’t eat the wrong foods before going to bed
3.    By limiting your use to 3 or 4 days a week, no more than 2 days in a row, you mitigate a hormonal backlash for cravings and fullness over the long term.

You will want to do this meal replacement no later than 8 pm and make that your last meal of the day.  

If your time is short, this is a fantastic tool that will help you lose weight in terms of bodyfat in a way that is very reasonable to incorporate into what you do on average.

I qualify this by saying that everyone has varying hormonal levels governing satiety and cravings, and some people may simply not be able to give up a full dinner 3 or 4 days per week, or some people may find that their cravings are very strong towards the late evenings.  That being the case, start with 3 days per week, spaced out with a good dinner on the days in between and see how you do. If you find the cravings or hunger is too strong, then consider the next best thing….


The next best way to use a meal replacement to improve your average shape is to use the above scheduling criteria (3 to 4 days a week, no more than 2 days in a row) for either breakfast or lunch. Breakfast would be preferable for most people. Lunch tends to be a bit harder to do in terms of practicality.

Again, the benefits are the same; you save time and lose weight in terms of bodyfat over the long haul while minimizing any hormonal backlash from too much deprivation by limiting yourself to 1 meal a day and no more than 4 days per week.

Now the question most people have is which meal replacements are best. Tomorrow I will give my ranking on the subject. You will be quite surprised. The best meal replacement isn’t a product you can buy, and we don’t even sell every meal replacement that makes our list. That’s not the point. You get the best information here at LookCut, the real deal, even if we don’t sell it. Don’t miss it.