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L-Carnitine Key Regulator in Energy Selection

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The Journal of Physiology reports that recent research into L-Carnitine and dietary L-Carnitine supplementation has revealed carnitine to be play an essential role in the selection of sugar and fat utilization within your muscles.

It appears that increasing the amount of L-carnitine in your muscles via supplementation reduces the amount of sugar you burn in favor of fat, and increases muscle glycogen storage.

Additionally, in combination with increased pyruvate, increased L-carnitine limits the re-synthesis of ATP at the onset of exercise. This means that your body begins burning fat more quickly.

The total of this recent research showing that muscle L-carnitine can be readily manipulated through supplementation and the subsequent effects on energy selection and fat oxidation make L-carnitine the hot, new ‘old’ supplement.

For all of the BioBurn Cardio Supercharge skeptics out there, this also gives some credence to what BioBurn users already have experienced.