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Resistance Training and Fat Burning For Women

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The conventional wisdom with regard to resistance and strength training is that you need to eat simple carbs and quickly assimilated protein immediately post exercise.

New research suggests the conventional wisdom applies to men more than it does women.

Many women strength and resistance train for the purpose of weight loss and fat reduction, where men strength train primarily for muscle growth.

A recent study by Valdosta University in Georgia demonstrated that women use energy differently post workout than men.

Women who ingest protein immediately after workout also immediately cease fat burning.

The study suggests optimal times for women interested in hormonal balance, weight loss and fat burning to eat post resistance training.


Women, particularly middle aged women are best served by consuming simple carbs and whey isolate after a waiting period of 35 minutes but not longer than 45 minutes post resistance training.

Men should consume simple carbs and whey isolate immediately following resistance training.

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