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Red Meat and Weight Loss

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If you eat the right kind of red meat, you will be much healthier and find weight loss comes easier.

Keeping with the LookCut approach of Healthy Fitness based on good science, our aim here is to help you understand the previous statement is not an opinion, it’s based in good science and it DOES NOT conflict with what you may have heard about read meat being bad for you. You are about to learn what kind of red meat can work for you to help you lean up and be heart healthy.

The popular notion that red meat is bad for you is at once both very misleading and dead on accurate. Studies clearly show consumption of red meat being linked with unhealthy increases in cholesterol.

What all of the research implicating red meat as a cholesterol danger fails to help you understand, however, is that they are all based on animals fed PROCESSED GRAINS!

When we look at the studies for grass fed animals, the data is entirely different!

A large body of evidence conclusively demonstrates that red meat from free grazing grass fed animals is profoundly different in terms of its nutritional benefits and effects than red meat from animals fed processed grains!

In short, the popular wisdom about red meat is true in a general sense, but does NOT  apply to red meat from free range animals.

The Research:
In 2005, a meta-review of several studies by Chico State University College of Agriculture identified that grass bed beef is higher in Omega 3 and lower in saturated fats than beef fed processed grains.

In 2006, a study by The Department of Food Science in Melbourne clearly demonstrated grain feeding elevated trans fatty acids in beef  versus grass fed.

In 2005,  a study by The Department of Food Science in Ireland demonstrated that saturated fatty acid profile on humans eating beef was improved by pasture fed beef.

Another study by the Australian Food Science Department in 2003 demonstrated that grass feeding maximized Omega 3 content of beef and minimized trans fats.