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Ashitaba Debunked for Weight Loss and Cellulite

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Recently an herb named Ashitaba (Angelica Keiski) has been touted as a weight loss supplement particularly for it’s claimed ability to reduce cellulite.
A new study from the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo recently examined the claims for Ashitaba.

The good news is that Ashitaba is safe. It’s not going to hurt you. In fact, ingesting large amounts of Ashitaba help improve the GI tract due to getting a lot of fiber although, you could accomplish the same thing with spinach and save your money.

The bad news is that Ashitaba showed no weight loss effects. In particular, ingestion of Ashitaba had no effect on subcutaneous body fat – i.e., cellulite.

Rule of Thumb: Ashitaba is a really pricey way to get in your fiber.

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