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Expend 900 Calories for Improved Weight Loss Insulin Sensitivity

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If you are not sure what to make of the following study, take heart, there is a practical application.

A study out of London shows that a single bout of exercise can induce better insulin sensitivity. You just need about 90 minutes worth.

30 men were studied and measured for insulin sensitivity versus energy expenditure. The magic number seemed to be about 900 calories worth of energy expended. At that level, insulin sensitivity was improved for up to 48 hours following exercise. This means that for nearly 2 days post exercise, the body was much less likely to get fat from sugary carbs.

The only problem is the magic number – 900 calories! That’s about 90 minutes of moderately intense exercise for most people. Think of a 90 minute Saturday bike ride for example.

Two things for your consideration. First, this only measures the improvement from a single bout of exercise, not the cumulative effect of regular exercise, which a large body of research supports improves insulin sensitivity.  Second, there is a practical use for this data.

Many of us are in to recreational activities, such as that weekend bike ride, that delve into the 90 minute range. What this study helps us understand is that the best time to eat our pleasure meals is coinciding with long duration exercise. We will better metabolize and burn simple sugars when insulin sensitivity is higher.

Rule of Thumb - If you must eat sugary stuff,  doing so coinciding with long bouts of exercise will help you not store the sugar as fat.