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Is Artemisia Better Than Green Tea

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A new study shows the herb Artemisia (also known as wormwood) to be as powerful an anti-oxidant as Green Tea.

The Center for Sciences et Technique in Tunisia has just completed a comparison study between Green Tea and Artemisia.  The effectiveness of both herbs was measured in terms of anti-oxidant capability and as weight loss agents.

Surprisingly, Artemisia proved superior to Green Tea in terms of reducing total blood cholesterol. Green Tea had no effect where Artemisia reduced blood cholesterol by 17%.

Artemisia also proved superior to Green Tea in mitigating oxidation of LDL within the blood.

Overall, Artemisia proved slightly superior to Green Tea as a pure anti-oxidant, and may be an even better weight management/weight loss herb based on it’s affects on cholesterol.

Artemisia herba-alba Asso (Asteraceae) Has Equivalent Effects to Green and Black Tea Decoctions on Antioxidant Processes and Some Metabolic Parameters in Rats.
Abid ZB, Feki M, Hédhili A, Hamdaoui MH.