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New Phentermine Study Adds Weight to Phentermine Effectiveness

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A recent study out of Korea adds to the effectiveness of Phentermine as a weight loss drug.

The Department of family medicine at Yonsei University in Korea recently examined the effects of Phentermine administration on 68 obese adults over a 5-month period.

The results of the study lend more support to Phentermine’s effectiveness as a short-term weight loss solution. A significant percentage of subjects in the group accomplished weight reduction of 5% or greater and saw a decrease in waist circumference on average of 6.5 cm.  Side effects were mild to moderate in intensity.

Okay, we know Phentermine is an effective appetite suppressant and definitely helps reduce weight for many people who try it. The real issue with Phentermine use is the risk associated with its use.

Phentermine is part of a class of drugs that can be dangerous to people with existing heart conditions. This includes people who don’t know that they have such a condition.

The other side of the issue is should you medicate your hunger?

At the heart of metabolic syndrome are issues of hunger related to and caused by dietary intake of the wrong kinds of foods.

I think Phentermine and the related issues of hunger are such a big topic that it deserves a new thread in the forums. Please feel free to jump in and share your thoughts about the use/benefits/advantage/cautions associated with Phentermine and medicating hunger in general. This should be a really hot topic. Click here to take part.