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You Don't Need A Weight Loss Diet, You Need The Skill to Manage Energy Intake

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I'm Joel Greene, Publisher of

I want show you how to be Free of Fat Forever.

I would like to suggest a different way to think about eating and your weight. I like to suggest that being lean is a skill. 

You can learn any skill. It's just a matter of what, why, when and how.  Eating is the same thing. 

At 43, I maintain 6 to 8% body fat year round. What's interesting about that is I'm just like you. I have not spent my life being fit for a living. Instead, I've had the same struggles with weight loss you have - trying to stay lean while not having time to exercise, long hours working, and long periods being 'out of it'. 

The LookCut Method is a system I developed to go beyond weight loss. It's a system to get and stay lean in the real world, under real working conditions - high stress, bad food, no time to work out. It addresses the real problems to long term weight loss - aging, energy, lack of time.

If every time you ate you understood how much, what, why and when, you could stay lean forever. It's just a skill.

I'm going to teach it to you. I'm not talking about a diet, a diet pill, or a plan, I'm talking about learning a skill. Once you have the skill, you will never need a weight loss diet.

In a month, we are rolling out the new system to go with my book. Prior to launch, I'm looking for 50 people to work with personally - to give you a skill that goes beyond dieting - how to manage your energy intake so you can eat good food without getting fat. You will learn what I know how to do - how to stay lean no matter what food is in front of you.
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