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The Paradox Of Weight Loss
Weight loss does not address the reasons why we gain weight. It just erases the evidence.

Over time, you gain weight due to eating behavior, aging and damage to your metabolism. (To understand damage to your metabolism check out our recent article on belly fat.)

Weight Loss does not solve these issues.

You lose weight, but you have not addressed what causes the weight gain. Eventually, you stop doing your diet (you get 'out of it) and the weight gain resumes.

The Smart Weight Management Stack targets the underlying causes of weight gain - Glucose Metabolism, hunger and hormone balance

The Smart Weight Management stack goes right to the reason for your weight loss - you tend to easily gain weight.

You take Eicosoid70 twice per day. The ingredients in Eicosoid70 have been shown to improve glucose metabolism, reduce cortisol, improve mood, reduce cravings and improve hormone balance.

You take GlycoDrive before big carb meals (no more than twice per day). The ingredients in Glyco Drive have been shown to improve glucose metabolism. Improved glucose metabolism is a key to long term weight loss.

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