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Knowledge Beats Appearance as Obesity Motivator

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A recent study from the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine reports gives some surprising insight regarding the motivators to lose weight.

The study examined 120 overweight women with ages ranging from 22 to 65. When all factors were examined, the factor that most strongly influenced an individual to take action regarding losing weight was not the physical burdens of being overweight, but knowledge regarding obesity.  Ultimately, obesity related knowledge of aspects of being overweight and obese are a far stronger motivator to seek help than the physical drawbacks.

This is quite interesting news.  Look for us to do a few articles on the health related aspects of obesity. For now, consider this, the STRONGEST predictor of your likelihood for type 2 diabetes is your BODY WEIGHT and waist circumference. These two factors are literally like a crystal ball. If you are overweight and wide in the waist, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE.  In upcoming articles we will detail the consequences of excess body weight in relation to disease prediction.