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Peak Shape vs Average Shape

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By Joel Greene

One thing you will notice at LookCut is we reference the terms 'Peak Shape' and 'Average Shape' a lot.

The reason for these  terms is simple. What you do to get in top shape is not something you can sustain on average.

What you do on average is what has the greatest impact on your health and fitness over the long haul.

You see, the health and fitness industry is somewhat broken. There is this undo emphasis on getting in top shape. That's cool. We all love to get in top shape. The problem is getting in top shape is very rare.

Ironically, ON AVERAGE many people do things in terms of diet and exercise that are geared at getting in top shape. These things are NOT sustainable. So what happens? You get 'into it' and then 'you get out of it'. How many times have you said "I'm just getting back into it"?

Let me introduce you to a better idea. Here it is..

Change your AVERAGE shape.

Change what you tend to look like on average by changing what you tend to do on average.

You might think that is just another way of saying get in top shape, but I say it's not. The two are very different.  In fact, what you can realistically do on average is VERY DIFFERENT from what you do to get in top shape.  This is something unique to The LookCut Way, which will be published in a month or two. Regular readers of this site can get a lot of previews from the material here.

The basic idea is that the real power to affect permanent change is in what you do on average.

The use of the Peak Shape, Average Shape labeling you find in the material here at LookCut helps us to put getting in top shape in its proper place and context.

The proper place of Peak Shape.
A little known truth of weight loss and fitness is that the pursuit of getting in peak shape can actually be a barrier to being lean and fit over the long haul!

One of the central themes of the Longevity Based Fitness at LookCut is to help make clear to you short term results that INHIBIT long term progress.

This is kind of a mind snapper, but if you really think about it, it is true. The everyday use of routines and tools that are designed for getting in top shape, is one of the chief barriers to being fit over the long haul. If you think about it from the perspective of sustainability, you will see it makes sense. 

Here is an example. There are some very powerful diet pill products on the market that stimulate your central nervous system. It is common to see people utilizing these kinds of diet pills regularly. In fact, it is common to see people making these types of diet pills the primary vehicle for weight loss, without proper diet or exercise. The use of these types of diet pills in this manner can literally re-wire your central nervous system to make you fat! These are not the kind of tools you can use on average, yet people seeking to lose weight routinely will do this.

There is a lot of confusion in the weight loss and fitness industry over tools and information that can effectively be used on a regular basis, and tools and information that should only be used for short durations.

The simple truth for most people is that on average, (which is another way of saying 'most of the time') you probably can't be in pursuit of getting in top shape as a way of life.

Getting in top shape is great. Everyone would love to do it. The entire fitness industry is devoted to it. The problem is unless you get paid to be fit for a living, getting in top shape tends to be this thing you go in and out of doing for short periods of time. That's just the truth.

Tomorrow - Focus In on your average to be fit for life.


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