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Peak Shape vs Average Shape Part 2

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If you are honest about the idea of getting in top shape, it's simply not a practical reality that most people can constantly pursue. You can pursue it for varying periods, but it's very difficult to live in as a way of life - unless you get paid to be in shape, which eliminates 99% of us. The idea that the pursuit of getting into top shape can be a livable lifestyle is an outdated fantasy that unfortunately many people looking to 'get in shape' still get suckered into.

At LookCut, we use the idea of Peak Shape to put getting in top shape in its proper place. It's a label we use to help you identify when to properly use tools and information and more importantly, when you should not.

At LookCut, getting in top shape has a place, it's just in a realistic context of the time and energy required.

Now the good news. Placing the pursuit of top shape into its proper place, frees you to be lean and healthy for life!

You read that correctly.

So let me give you the punch line straight up. As an alternative to focusing on top shape as the primary means to health and fitness, consider the possibility that...

The power to affect permanent change lies in what you do 'on average.'

What you do to get in peak shape is NOT what you do on average. It's not sustainable over the long haul. At LookCut, longevity based fitness is about changing what you do on average to improve how you look and feel on average.

The basic idea of fitness is that you should devote some time and energy everyday to improving your health and body.

Realistically, you don't always have the time and energy to sustain the effort needed to get in top shape. If the basic idea of fitness is that you devote some time each day to improving your health and body, then we begin by examining what makes the most sense to do if you only have a few minutes, which for most people, tends to be most of the time!

Much of the information and tools we make available to help you improve your average has to do with helping your body profile younger longer. The one thing that is common for everyone is that everyday you are getting older.

So in summary, we use Peak Shape and Average Shape as labels to help us reference the appropriateness and proper place of the information and tools you find here on this site. If we tell you a particular tool or piece of information is for Peak Shape, unless we specifically state otherwise, you can be sure it's something you don't want to use on average.