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Low Magnesium and High Sugar Intake - The Problem of Oxidative Stress and Weight Loss

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If you have a lot of sugary carbs in your diet and you are deficient in magnesium you are unknowingly damaging your ability to achieve long-term weight loss.

The combination of a magnesium deficiency and a lot of sugary carbs is a weight management pitfall many people unknowingly and routinely put themselves in.

A deficiency with magnesium, combined with a high intake of sugary carbs facilitates a condition known as oxidative stress and impaired insulin signaling.

What is oxidative stress? Simply put, oxidative stress is an environment of reduced anti-oxidant potential. In simplest terms, oxidative stress is a state of accelerated cellular damage. Oxidative Stress happens for a number of reasons, chiefly when the body cannot adequately reduce excess Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

So what do low magnesium intake, high sugar intake and oxidative stress have to do with weight gain?  Here it is…

Low magnesium intake and high sugar intake have been associated with elevated Oxidative Stress in several studies.

Elevated oxidative stress is clearly associated with impaired insulin signaling. This means a number of things.

-       You will tend to store fat more readily

-       You will have a much more difficult time losing weight, particularly if you are low on magnesium intake.

-       You are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease

-       You are creating damage to your ability to properly utilize food for energy over the long haul. In other words, you don’t just store fat more readily; you damage your ability to readily burn carbs and fat for energy over the long haul!

So what is the simple rule of thumb here?

RULE OF THUMB: Supplement your magnesium intake and cut down on sugary carbs for better long-term weight loss.


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