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Students Revolt Online Against Michelle Obama Lunches.

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The new Obama school lunches are being served and the mean tweats are rolling in.

Kids and teens are tweeting and it's not pretty.  Teens are sharing on social media their outrage  at the tiny portions and restrictive menu's on the new Obama originated school lunch program. 

The reaction in social media seems to be more on the negative than positive. One individual tweeted "Nothing about our school lunch is nutritional. It's actually quite sickening".

One individual seemed to like the new selection, tweeting "Thanks Michelle Obama, now we have lunchables for lunch".

While vitriol over the new school lunches seems poised to go on for some time, the bigger question will be with the new smaller portion sizes and if the program is healthier.  Lack of adequate calories during the day equates to overeating at night. 

Several students tweeted pictures of what they were eating when they got home to make up for lunch. The images showed huge portions of unhealthy food.