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Pre Meal Water Consumption Reduces energy Intake in Older Adults.

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Downing 500 ml of 30 min prior to eating may just be the next big weight loss thing – if you’re over 40.

A recent study by the Department of Human Nutrition at Virginia Polytech examines the affect of water loading prior to eating.  

The study looked at non obese young subjects under 35 compared to older individuals age 60 and up to determine if drinking water prior to eating makes you eat less.

The older group showed a marked decrease in energy intake while water consumption had no affect on the younger adults. Hunger and fullness were both decreased as well in the older population group.

A couple of things worth mentioning. The study had a fairly wide age gap between study groups – 25 years.  What is not clear is at what age range the utilization of water intake prior to eating seems to take affect. Since there was a marked difference between groups, and it’s not clear what percent of the study was closer to 35, this may be worth looking into for individuals over 40.

The other thing worth mentioning is that the study was conducted on people not in any sort of a dieting mode. It remains unclear if people actively dieting would show any additional affect from pre-water loading.