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Specific Carbs for Weight Loss

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  • Asparagus
  • Fenugreek
  • Grapefruit
  • Oats
  • Legumes
  • Beans

In our previous segment on this topic we looked at some of the properties of carbs as they relate to TIMING to achieve either weight loss.

Today we move forward to types of carbs. We will divide our examination into two segments: General types of carbs and specific carbs foods that can promote weight loss. Today we look at specific TYPES OF CARBS that promote weight loss.

We live in the era of ‘carbs are bad’. It may seem hard to believe that certain carbohydrates actually promote weight loss, but as you will see, there is substantial research that shows this is indeed the case.

A large body of research shows us some types of carbs not only promote weight loss, but also improve cardiovascular health and even immune function.

Specific Carbs That Promote Weight Loss:

Asparagus has several characteristics that make it weight loss friendly. First, it’s full of fiber, it has a low caloric density and most interesting of all, it’s very high in several types of what are called Steroidal Saponins.  Saponins are plant steroids. Research shows them to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol and even improving hormone function. Asparagus is one carb that can help you get lean.

Quinoa was a grain utilized by the Aztecs. It’s rich in protein and saponins, which in its raw state give it a bitter taste until washed. One of the more interesting properties of Quinoa is it’s ability to satiate the appetite. Quinoa is a carb that may induce positive hormonal effects and it makes you full at the same time.

The urban legends are true. Grapefruit has very beneficial effects on weight loss. It seems to improve insulin resistance and for reasons we still do not understand it actually promotes weight loss. One study showed half a fresh grapefruit consumed before meals was associated with significant weight loss. Maybe the subjects were just fuller, but who cares. It’s weight loss friendly.

Oats might be considered to be a weight loss essential. Studies have shown that consumption of oats during weight loss improves cardio vascular markers as opposed to weight loss without oats. Additionally, oats are rich in beta-glucan, which have been shown to have various immune boosting properties. Finally, the oat extract (Avena Sativa) has several properties that seem to help endocrine and hormone function, all beneficial for weight loss.

Fenugreek seeds are often mixed with yogurt. Fenugreek has several properties that have been shown to have numerous properties such as liver detoxification. Weight loss and liver function go together. One study showed fenugreed seeds act to protect the liver against damage from alcohol. Another study shows fenugreek to have very beneficial effects on testosterone balance in men.

Legumes like peas, kidney beans, alfalfa, (excluding soy) seem to have several properties that are beneficial for weight loss. In the case of white kidney bean, it seems to block the enzyme alpha amylase, which is needed to digest certain kinds of starches. You are now seeing White Kidney Bean extract pop up as a weight loss pill do to this property. Additionally, legumes have been shown to prevent free radical damage during weight loss.

In our final segment on carbs, we will look at the 3 essential distinctions you can easily make when eating carbs to help you be lean, fit and energetic for life.

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