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Trans Fats Cause Abdominal Fat Gain Even At Low Calories

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Repeat after me: ‘Processed foods are the problem, processed foods are the problem..”

Our approach at LookCut is to get right to the heart of the issue for long term weight gain. It starts with the understanding that the core barrier to being lean, fit and energetic for life is processed food.

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and the vast majority of cardiovascular diseases are the result eating processed foods –sugar, trans fats, white flour, chemicals and additives.

Here is some of the latest research to underscoring the unique disease causing/accelerating properties of processed foods.

A new study from Wake Forest University shows that long term consumption of Trans Fats is an independent factor causing intra-abdominal fat deposition even WITHOUT EXCESS CALORIES!

This means that trans fats cause the reverse of spot reduction. They cause depot specific storage of fats!

Ad this to recent research that shows that insulin resistance (brought about by excess sugar intake) also causes depot specific belly fat storage and what we have is this...

Processed foods such as trans fats cause you to gain fat in the belly even when you don't overeat!

Rule of Thumb: Processed foods are the problem.

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