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Weight Loss and Inflammation

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What you get here at LookCut is more than blather on weight loss. We deal with the underlying problems that create long-term weight gain. 

Our perspective is that weight loss only erases the evidence of long-term challenges to weight maintenance. One of the primary causes of long-term weight gain is inflammation.

If you want to get beyond cycling weight loss and weight gain, you have to understand inflammation and how inflammation promotes weight gain and prevents weight loss.
How Inflammation Makes you Fat:
Here is how inflammation makes you fat.

Inflammation plays a vital role in glucose metabolism. Diets high in processed carbs promote a condition known as oxidative stress, where the natural defenses the cell has against oxidative damage become unbalanced. When this happens to white fat cells, this sets off a series of signals within that cell that promote an inflammatory response.

The inflammatory response of white fat cells BREAKS the mechanism that controls how those cells respond to insulin. Insulin is the hormone needed to pull sugar from your blood into the cell.

When inflammation of white fat cells impairs insulin signaling in those white fat cells – two things happen within those fat cells.

First, fat within the cell gets broken down and tends to be released into the bloodstream. Excess free fatty acids in the bloodstream are an underlying cause of hypertension, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Second, glucose within the blood gets stored as fat instead of used as energy.

As you can see, inflammation is the tinder that creates a firestorm of metabolic and circulatory problems that ultimately mitigate your weight loss attempts. If you want weight loss to be PERMANENT, you have to deal with the underlying problems. Controlling inflammation is VITAL for weight loss and long term weight management. 

Central to the problem is HOW to deal with inflammation. Before you reach for the anti-inflammatory, you better read the following..

How Anti-Inflammatory Make you Even Fatter.
Caution: Many anti-inflammatory only make the problem worse.

Many anti-inflammatory are based on gluccocortorid stimulation. Think hydrocortisone, cortisone and many others. Gluccocortorids are a class of agents that stimulate cortisol receptors within the cell. Despite what you may have hear about cortisol being a ‘nasty stress hormone’ , cortisol is a vital signaling mechanism involved in telling your body to stop burning glucose and start burning fat.

Substantial new research now exists that long-term stimulation of gluccocortoroid receptors via gluccocortoroids promotes insulin resistance.

This means that if you are chronically on anti-inflammatory like cortisone, you are inadvertently predisposing yourself to store fat.

The question now becomes how to deal with inflammation in a healthy way.
The Healthy Way to Mitigate Inflammation for Long Term Weight Management.

Here is how you can beat inflammation, stay healthy and promote long-term weight loss and weight management.

STEP 1:  Avoid processed carbs
If you can’t pick it from a tree or pull it from the ground, limit your intake of carbs like this.

Excess insulin production from high energy dense carbs is a foundational cause of inflammation. If you do nothing else, do this.
STEP 2: Take an Omega 3 supplement.
Eicosanoids from Omega 3 fats are anti-inflammatory. Eicosanoids from Omega 6 fats are pro-inflammatory. It’s common to have too much omega 6 in the diet and not enough omega 3.

STEP 3: Take Serratia Peptidase
This vastly powerful enzyme is so potent an anti-inflammatory that in Japan and Europe it is used in place of anti-inflammatory drugs.  Our Cleanzymes are the most potent enzyme array we know of, with plenty of Serratia Peptidase in every capsule.

STEP 4: Eat grass fed vs. grain fed meats
Grain fed beef promote more omega 6 intake. Grass fed beef promotes more omega 3 intake. Where possible, opt for grass fed.

STEP 5: Daily Dose the Super foods.
There are numerous anti-inflammatory properties in super foods. When you combine the above protocols with daily doses of super foods, you are promoting an physiological state much less conducive to chronic inflammation. Check out Daily Greens Complete. 52 super foods in one shot.

In summary, if you want weight loss to not be this thing you do about every 18 months, you have to deal with weight gain cause by inflammation. The role of inflammation in weight gain and weight loss is simply too powerful to be overlooked. It is foundational to long term weight management and good health.