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Obesity: The Infant Formula link

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Joel Greene, VEEP Nutrition 2014

New research suggests infant feeding formulas may contribute to obesity. 

Researchers at The University of Osnabrück, in Germany have released a new study that shows infant feeding formulas may contribute to obesity by overfeeding protein to infants. activating a key nutrient sensing path.

Overfeeding of protein in infants over stimulates the MTOR signalling pathway. The MTOR pathway is the bodies master control switch over cellular growth.  

Obesity and allergies are known to be influenced by overstimulation of MTOR signals.  Overstimulation of the MTOR pathway promotes obesity by disrupting a key T-Cell involved in regulating immunity call FOX P3 T-Cell.

Surprisingly, in children fed unprocessed cows milk an allergy protective effect was observed with an increase in FOX P3.

The researchers concluded that over activation of MTOR by excessive protein from infant formulas seems to be the missing link that explains natal allergies, obesity and accelerated growth. 



The potential mechanistic link between allergy and obesity development and infant formula feeding.

  1. Department of Dermatology, Environmental Medicine and Health Theory, University of Osnabrück