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Holidays and Weight Loss

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We get it. It’s the holidays. We are all going to overeat. During the holidays no one wants to think too much about weight loss or watching what you eat.

That being said here are 7 simple tips that you can do to help you enjoy the holidays, enjoy lots of yummy food and make the weight loss in January not quite so hard.

Take 300 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid before schnitzeling or before carbs:
With all those chocolates, pies and booze lying around, your pancreas needs a bit of help. 300 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid helps insulin signaling and helps you use carbs for energy instead of store them as fat. This makes the January weight loss not as daunting.

Wait 10 min:
Wait 10 – 15 minutes before eating desert. It takes approximately 20 minutes for your hunger hormones to catch up to what’s in your stomach. If you wait a bit, often the sense of fullness will come over you.

Limit to ½ glass of alcohol at a time:
In small amounts, alcohol actually helps insulin signaling and weight loss. This means you actually burn carbs better. As you get over ½ glass of wine, or half a martini, the opposite effect takes place and alcohol impairs insulin signaling.  Try to stay to ½ glass of wine at a time.

Eat more junk in the morning:
If you are going to eat a lot of goodies, try to do it in the morning. You have the rest of the day to expend the energy you take in and you will be less likely to graze on goodies throughout the day.

Take L-carnitine and Coq10:
Just as Alpha Lipoic Acid helps with insulin signaling, these two, particularly when combined, help you use fat for energy. An extra dose of of these two supplements during the holidays means you don’t have to work as hard at weight loss in January.

Weigh yourself:
Those who weigh often weigh less. Research has shown the simple act of weighing yourself has a dramatic impact on our behavior. Get on the scale in the morning. It pays tons of dividends when you start your weight loss program.

1 Glass of water every two hours:
This is easy to do and has a two-fold benefit. First, you burn much more energy during the day. The simple act of drinking water creates thermogenesis. You burn more energy. Second, you feel more full. It's easy, simple, and helps really keep the weight off.