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2 Hour Glucose and Hypertension

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Fasting plasma glucose is not the best predictor of cardiovascular disease.

A new study from the International Diabetes Institute in Australia demonstrates that the best predictor of cardiovascular disease within 5 years is 2 hour glucose concentration.

The 2 hour Glucose concentration (2hPG) essentially measures the amount of sugar in your blood 2 hours after eating. The more sugar in your blood after 2 hours, the more insulin resistance you are.

Of 4413 subjects, 14% developed hypertension over a 5 year period. There was a direct association between individuals with high 2 hour glucose concentration and hypertension.


1.    If you want a fairly accurate predictor of your current risk for hypertension, ask your doctor for a 2hpg test.

Rule of Thumb: High 2 hour glucose tolerance indicates you are at risk for hypertension in 5 years.

Two-hour glucose predicts the development of hypertension over 5 years: the AusDiab study.