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Before we get into this, do a mental dump of everything you think you know about fat and losing weight.  Everything you are about to learn here is spanking new. Even better, it's backed by the bleeding edge of research into midsection fat.

Fat in the midsection represents a very unique problem.  Midsection fat is correlated to metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and risk of cardio vascular disease and is one of the best predictors of all three of these diseases. There is a good reason. Midsection fat is a form of Metabolism Damage


Let's take a minute to understand why midsection fat is such a unique problem. It will help understand how to deal with the problem.

The bleeding edge theory about midsection fat is that as you get more of it, your fat gets farther and farther away from the body. A state of hypoxia begins to occur. Basically, the fat cells at the outer edge of the midsection don't get very good circulation and thus don't get enough oxygen. These oxygen starved fat cells in the midsection become damaged, more or less permanently. What then happens is energy metabolism in these cells gets broken. In simplest terms, the fat cells in the midsection stop using glucose and fat correctly and tend to easily store and create more fat.

Your midsection becomes like the hull of a ship with a hole in it. The ship will always take on water in the section that is damaged. This is in effect what is going on with midsection fat. These fat cells will always be problematic because they are damaged.  That's the bad news. Now the good news.


First, you need a copy of Free of Fat Forever - The LookCut Method. All of the diet and exercise basics you need are in that. What I can cover here are the tricks unique to midsection fat.

Here is how we tackle midsection fat. The assumption here is that you are actively engaged in some kind of cardio exercise (which means you really need a copy of Free of Fat Forever. There is a chapter in there addressing how to make cardio instantly start working for you)


Dry Brush:
Gently take a dry brush and BRUSH your midsection fat problem areas gently for about 3 to 5 minutes. This might sound silly, until you notice that your entire midsection area is flushed and red with circulation. Remember, bad circulation is the problem in the midsection.

Spend 5 minutes solid on some kind of ab exercise machine and go to failure. You want to get an awesome pump in the abdominal region. Again, we are going for circulation here.

In perfect world, you do the brushing and abs back to back. If you can't and need to go to the gym, then get the brushing in right as you leave your house.

Get in 45 minutes of cardio. Follow all of the rules in Free of Fat Forever.

Post Cardio:
Repeat the brushing and ab routine again.

Wait 30 minutes before eating.

Our objective here is to get you into a fat burning state AND increase the circulation to the midsection while you are burning fat.

Remember, your fat cells in the midsection are damaged. They do not work correctly. You need to give them help in evening the playing field.

Dry brush the midsection at bedtime. As you sleep and burn fat, the added circulation in the midsection will certainly not hurt.

If you follow the 9 Essential Rules of Food in Free of Fat Forever, you will be adequately covered on the diet side.

That's the basic routine. Continue to do this prior to cardio. It definitely works.