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L-Carnitine May Improve Kidney Dysfunction From Being Overweight

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Reduced kidney function is one of the complications of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Previously, we reported on new research indicating L-Carnitine supplementation improving energy selection between carbs and fats, helping you to burn more fat.

New research suggests that if you are overweight L-Carnitine supplementation may also improve a number of key markers of kidney dysfunction associated with high fructose intake.

A study by Annamalai University in India examined L-carnitine supplementation on rats fed high intakes of fructose.  L-Carnitine positively influenced a number of key markers of kidney function in rats profiling for metabolic syndrome.

Reduced kidney function has been associated with metabolic syndrome. Weight loss is very difficult when kidney function is impaired. Excess consumption of sugar drinks, or foods containing high fructose corn syrup promote metabolic syndrome

Rule of Thumb: High fructose consumption through sugar drinks and processed foods promotes weight gain and metabolic syndrome, which in turn, impairs kidney function.  Supplementing with L-Carnitine may be of benefit.

Reno protective action of l-carnitine in fructose-induced metabolic syndrome
P. Rajasekar,1 P. Viswanathan2 and C. V. Anuradha1