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High Carb High Fat Meals and Instant Aging

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A new study out of New York State University shows that intake of a high carb/ high fat meal promotes an extended state of oxidative stress and inflammation, and this problem is worsened in overweight and obese subjects.

Oxidative stress occurs when your body’s natural ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species (think free radicals) becomes impaired. This results in an accelerated state of damage at a cellular level. From a weight loss perspective, the central problem with oxidative stress is it impairs insulin signaling. This means you tend to store carbs as fat.

Additionally, inflammation is highly correlated with obesity. The study from the Division of Endocrinology at New York State shows that a single high fat/high carb meal produced a prolonged state of inflammation and oxidative stress that 3 hours after eating was still on the increase while normal subjects returned to a normal state within 2 hours.

In either case, normal or overweight, high carb and high fat meals induced a state that is produced accelerated cellular aging.

Rule of Thumb: Processed fats and carbs in high doses produce an immediate state of accelerated aging!

Prolonged Reactive Oxygen Species Generation and Nuclear Factor-{kappa} B Activation Following a High Fat High Carbohydrate Meal in the Obese.

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